Friday, 22 Nov 2019
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D–O–E route
First kilometers to run through Slovakia or Austria
The South Moravian Region – base of the Czech water transport development
Zlín Region offers virtually ready stretches of the waterway
Olomouc Region – junction of European waterways
Moravian Silesian Region - Tradition and future
Through Poland to the navigable Oder
The waterway corridor in Pardubice Region – a serious designing challenge
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D–O–E route

Most critics, whether they dislike the D-O-E water corridor for conservation, environmental, or other causes, complain about a lack of relevant data on detailed routing of the corridor. It is to be said that such records indeed exist, and they are available to everyone. The responsible authorities, namely the Ministry of Transport of Czech Republic, have seen to proper documentation of the route recorded on maps of the scale 1 : 10,000. Let us ignore objections like I-don’t know-what-the-canal-looks-like-and-where-its-route-leads-but-I-amagainst- it, and respond with Leonardo da Vinci’s quote: “He who thinks little, errs much.“ Let us assist those who truly seek to acquaint themselves with the current solution and its links to the environment. Let us help those who lack the precious time or patience to bite their way through piles of the official map documentation.

A schematic route map of the water corridor D-O-E with stages and variants.

  Interactive map of Danube-Oder-Elbe water corridor