Wednesday, 17 Jul 2024
Increase of employment

Increase of employment

Today, the project of water corridor Danube-Oder-Elbe seen as an important anti-crisis measure, which will significantly increase employment, both during construction and during operation of DOE water corridor, by creating of new jobs for tens of thousands people.

Jobs in providing basic documentation arising from the urgent need for processing documents that would justify the inclusion of intent in the priority investment program of the EU after 2013 (TEN-T).

Jobs in research and development related to particular geological and hydro geological surveys, environmental and biological research and to ensure comparable data on biodiversity (as a basis for future impact assessment on environment and nature), hydro technical research, urban studies, etc.

Jobs with investor organizations and screening to ensure their implementation.

Jobs in construction to the relevant oriented construction companies.

Montáž jezových polí 

Installation of weir gates at river Oise in France as part of the Seine-nord waterway

Jobs resulting from the multiplier effect have the greatest extent. As we know from the experience of the construction of highways there are many jobs in subcontractors of construction companies, suppliers of machines, energy, water, building materials and other needs, providers of transport and other services, etc.

Práce na vodní cestě 

Construction works at river Oise in France as part of the Seine-nord waterway 

Jobs from the operation of DOE water corridor occur in a number of sectors (agriculture, industry and tourism) in the territory adjacent to the DOE water corridor.