Tuesday, 25 Jun 2024

What is benefit of D-O-E project for energetics? 

For energetics is water corridor DOE one of the important building stones for the future with multilateral benefits. 

Schéma tržeb za energii a nákladů na čerpání 


 • Renewable Energy 

While electricity production is only a "byproduct" of existence of D-O-E water corridor, the production of 150 GWh per year is not entirely insignificant - for example, is comparable with the production of one of the Czech largest hydro power plant Lipno.

Jez s vodní elektrárnou a plavební komorou na Labi

Weir with a water power plant and navigation lock on the river Elbe. By hydroelectric power stations should be equipped each navigation step of D-O-E water corridor.


 • creation of conditions for the construction of efficient pumped-storage hydro power plants


 • contribution to the stability of energy system

Contribution of water corridor D-O-E to the stability of energy system emerge from the large total amount of installed input and output power. D-O-E as a whole resembles a pumped-storage hydro power plant, which regulatory ability is the sum of input and output, which is about 300 MW. D-O-E is possible to connect pumped-storage hydro power plants around the route, using reservoirs whose purpose is otherwise only water management. Available capacity of pumped-storage hydro power plants would be about 900 MW, the total regulatory capacity would be around 1800 MW. 

Využívání větrné energie má značnou nevýhodu, tj. závislost na nahodilém výskytu větru. Ve spojení s provozem reverzibilních stanic na vodním koridoru D-O-L by však bylo možno tuto nevýhodu zcela eliminovat. 

Wind energy has a significant disadvantage, dependency on random occurrence of wind. In connection with the operation of reversible water stations (pump and hydro power plants) on the D-O-E water corridor would be possible to completely eliminate this disadvantage. 


 • stability of energy consumers 

Large enterprises in the Czech Republic are also critical wholesale of electricity. Their economic success is tied to, among other things at good and cheap transport, while our largest industrial enterprises are at a disadvantage by being the only ones in Europe do not have access to the sea or to waterways. Construction of D-O-E water corridor solves the comparative disadvantage and promote the future stability of these companies - in this direction have already expressed representatives of enterprises such as Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel Group, ArcelorMittal Ostrava and Vítkovice Holding.  


 • stability and diversification of power sources 

Imports of cheap overseas coal (USA, South Africa, Australia) is very beneficial for the European coastal states and for power plants connected to the Northern ports waterways. For transport to the Czech Republic, shows preliminary calculations, that using the D-O-E water corridor are specific costs per unit of energy transported from oversea comparable with local sources and with much higher quality. Important is also the transport of biomass - for example in Berlin and Brandenburg to be build half of the planned biomass power plants directly in the inland waterway ports. Each power plant with output of 20 MW with the supply of fuel by water transportation in quantities of 100-150 thousand tons per year. In the Czech Republic power station Hodonín burning biomass and it is located about 1000 meters from the planned port on the river Morava.

Říčně-námořní tanker pro přepravu zkapalněného zemního plynu

German river-sea tankers for liquefied natural gas (length: 106 m, width: 11.4 m, draft: 2,8 m, capacity: 1794 tons). Use of such tankers on the water corridor D-O-E can help to increase the diversification of fuel sources for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The place of transfer of gas from the naval ships to the river ships could be in the future port of Szczecin, where is LRG maritime terminal in preparation.


 • space for international activities 

Transport function of D-O-E water corridor and in particular the quality of the Danube waterway are chance for favorable shipments of big and heavy components of nuclear and conventional power plants, especially for the Czech energy investment abroad. Without any problems would be transport of pieces weighing about 2,000 tons, the length to about 80 m, width 10 m and height up to 10 m. 


 • space for new forms of energy 

Many experts agree that the future of energetics will be based on a combination of nuclear energy - hydrogen (as a medium). While in the cars were not yet found a satisfactory location of sufficient energy, the ships dispose of enough space for energy "low-dense" medium. But for economic operation is necessary to have a quality waterway and that may be in Czech Republic only water corridor D-O-E.